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Bruner Wright P.A.,locally owned Jacksonville bankruptcy law firm, has been providing legal services for clients for many years. Bruner Wright P.A. was originally founded as a bankruptcy law firm. It has evolved over the years and now offers a wide range of services to help clients with all aspects of their financial lives. Our Jacksonville FL bankruptcy attorney can help people with their debt free for life with a fresh start. 

We hold our clients’ communication and service high in mind. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy law firm is dedicated to helping our clients get out of debt and into financial stability.

Bruner Wright P.A. helps clients in search of financial solutions whether they are:

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  • Looking for guidance and advice on the best bankruptcy solution
  • Negotiating debts with creditors in debt settlements


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Bruner Wright P.A. is a team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys that works hard to help clients get the best possible outcomes in their cases. We also offer the lowest cost legal representation. We value our clients’ dignity and respect during difficult times.

Bruner Wright P.A. takes the time to assess every client’s financial situation, and then we find the best strategy to help you get rid of the overwhelming amount of debt.

No matter how much debt you may have, it is important to ensure that you have your rights protected and upheld. We will be there for you throughout the course of your case if you retain one of our attorneys. Our goal is for you to be in control of your finances.


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Financial hardship can arise for various reasons. We may try to fulfill all our financial obligations, but sometimes they prove unachievable. When this occurs it can be terrifying to realize you can no longer pay your bills – the bankruptcy process provides an avenue for starting over without being overwhelmed by debt.

Filing for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly, but for many, it can be the solution to their financial struggles and moving forward with life. Filing bankruptcy may help if you’re having difficulty paying credit card bills, medical expenses, or business debts and are finding it hard to meet payments; Jacksonville attorneys specialize in this process and can guide you through it all.

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How Does Filing for Bankruptcy Help?

Filing for bankruptcy can be highly beneficial because it allows individuals to discharge most of their debts. Debtors who complete the bankruptcy process can begin taking steps toward a brighter financial future. Filing bankruptcy may also prevent home foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, and the sale of other assets that might otherwise be lost to repossession or foreclosure proceedings.

Filing for bankruptcy can protect you from utility disconnections, creditor harassment, and wage garnishment. Chapter 13 may even allow reduced payments on certain non-dischargeable obligations.

Bankruptcy offers those buried under heavy debt a fresh start. While certain types of debts cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, their benefits usually provide enough relief to allow those involved in debt to get back on their feet again.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Jacksonville, Florida

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual to liquidate or discharge most of their debts; however, certain legal requirements must first be fulfilled for filing under Chapter 7, including passing the means test.

Individuals with higher incomes who wish to declare bankruptcy face an uphill struggle when taking part in the means test. High-earning individuals must complete a form that outlines their monthly income and expenses. The Means Test assesses whether the individual is eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The rationale behind this test is that individuals with higher incomes may have the means to repay their debts, and therefore may not qualify for a complete discharge. While there are various types of bankruptcy, individuals who believe they are ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can still seek guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer in Jacksonville regarding their legal alternatives.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Jacksonville, Florida

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables individuals to restructure their finances and develop repayment plans to pay off creditors over three or five years. The court evaluates the proposed repayment plan to determine its viability. If the court approves the plan, the debtor must maintain regular payments as outlined. Once the debtor adheres to the agreed-upon payments, creditors included in the plan are prohibited from pursuing legal action against them. Upon completion of the plan, any remaining debts can be discharged.


Debts You Cannot Discharge

While bankruptcy can be an effective means of eliminating various debts, legal restrictions prevent its full liquidation. One such limitation is student loan debt discharge restrictions that limit debtors unless they can prove an undue burden. Frustratingly for many individuals struggling under substantial student loan debt burdens tens or even hundreds of thousands in student loan debt payments can still find relief through bankruptcy by eliminating other debts thereby relieving financial stressors while making payments more manageable. Moreover, courts are increasingly scrutinizing the “undue burden” limitations, potentially making it easier to obtain relief from student loans. Negotiating student loan debts during bankruptcy is an option that could lead to reduced monthly payments.

Certain types of debt, such as back taxes, child maintenance, or criminal fines, may not be dischargeable. Additionally, bankruptcy may not release co-signers of loans from their responsibilities. If you co-signed a loan with your brother and declare bankruptcy together, he may still owe part or all of it back. It would be wise to consult a bankruptcy lawyer beforehand to understand which debts can and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy and Businesses

A small business owner may find it necessary to file for bankruptcy on behalf of their business, particularly in the case of sole proprietorships and partnerships. This is because the business debts in these types of companies are personally owed by the individuals involved.

In certain situations, the business itself can file for bankruptcy separately from the individual owner. It is crucial to understand the distinctions between personal and business bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can serve as a viable solution for businesses that are ceasing operations, as it provides a means to wind up affairs without facing lawsuits from creditors.


Hiring a Jacksonville, Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you enlist the services of an attorney to handle your Jacksonville bankruptcy case, you can rest assured that you will have professional support throughout the entire process. If you are uncertain about whether or not to declare bankruptcy, it is advisable to consult with an attorney. Delaying the consultation with a bankruptcy attorney may put your assets at risk. By filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to prevent foreclosures and other adverse consequences. However, if you wait for creditors to initiate lawsuits or obtain judgments against you, your options may be limited. Contact Bruner Wright, P.A. Offices at 904.432.1200 today to speak with an experienced Jacksonville Bankruptcy Law Firm attorney.

We possess the expertise to navigate you through the bankruptcy process with minimal stress and offer debt relief for you, your family, or your business. If you have any inquiries regarding our bankruptcy services or if you are prepared to proceed with filing for bankruptcy, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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