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2211, 2021

Understanding Common Bankruptcy Terms

Understanding Common Bankruptcy Terms You may be faced with a lot of bankruptcy terms when you file for bankruptcy. Understanding bankruptcy terms can be helpful during bankruptcy proceedings. These are the most important terms to know. Dismissal If you file for bankruptcy but do not receive any discharge of your [...]

1511, 2021

 The Best Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

 The Best Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney Sometimes financial situations change. Sometimes steady income sources are cut off and unexpected expenses arise that drain funds. These uncertain circumstances can cause anxiety, stress, and pressure on a person, couple, or entire family. It can be difficult to find a Georgia bankruptcy attorney to [...]

811, 2021

Can Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment? 

Can Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment?  Wage garnishment is perhaps the most intrusive collection action taken by a creditor or debt collector agency. Wage garnishment is unexpected and unanticipated by design and nature. The wage garnishment will be effective on your next paycheck. You will not be notified in advance. Notification [...]

111, 2021

How Bankruptcy And Taxes Correlate

How Bankruptcy And Taxes Correlate Are you having tax troubles and financial troubles? Bankruptcy is the answer. How do bankruptcy and taxes correlate? If all the following conditions are met, you can discharge (wipe away) federal income tax debts with bankruptcy. Other taxes, such as income taxes and fraud penalties, [...]

2510, 2021

Best Lawyer For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Georgia 

Best Lawyer For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Georgia  Many people find themselves needing a little help when they attempt to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The right professional will ensure that you get the timely results you need to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy quickly and accurately. A good lawyer for [...]

1810, 2021

Top Bankruptcy Attorney In Douglas GA

Top Bankruptcy Attorney In Douglas GA Bruner Wright is a top-rated bankruptcy lawyer in Douglas GA. Our skilled team is available to help you with a variety of bankruptcy filings. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible support for all types of bankruptcy. These are just [...]

1110, 2021

Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

Bankruptcy for Small Businesses Many homeowners and small-business owners struggle to keep their homes and businesses due to the virus. Bankruptcy for small businesses allows them to stop creditors from pursuing them and to discharge debts. The bankruptcy laws are based on the idea of a "stay", or an order [...]

410, 2021

Debt Settlement Vs Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement Vs Bankruptcy   You should think about whether bankruptcy is the best option before you agree to any settlements with creditors. Although the idea of settling for a portion of the debt may sound appealing, you should examine the actual numbers and the overall consequences. This article will [...]

2709, 2021

Things To Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy In South Georgia

Things To Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy In South Georgia You may be considering filing for bankruptcy in South Georgia if you are in a difficult financial situation. You can take control of your financial situation and get a fresh start with your finances by filing for bankruptcy. You have [...]

2009, 2021

Refinance And Bankruptcy Options

Refinance And Bankruptcy Options You will be required to make payments on your home and other debts when you file bankruptcy. It is possible to wonder how you can comfortably continue these payments while adhering to your bankruptcy plan. Refinancing a mortgage can be a good option for many people [...]

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