Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are going to be filing for bankruptcy in Tallahassee it’s very important that you find a bankruptcy attorney that has the appropriate experience and plenty of years representing clients just like yourself. The best local bankruptcy law firm in the area is Bruner Wright. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages you can receive by working at Bruner Wright, be sure to contact us today or Redon to find out more about our qualifications:

Years Of Experience

Our founder, Robert C Bruner has been practicing for over 40 years in a wide range of financial cases. He’s represented debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and also specializes in estate planning and commercial litigation. With his years of experience in the field, our law firm can assist individuals as well as public utility companies, private corporations, families, freelancers, and individuals. We have handled bankruptcy cases that range from small to large scale and international bankruptcy for Corporations. 

We Have Bankruptcy Court Clerks On Staff

Byron “Trey” Wright our secondary founding partner served for two years as a law clerk in the bankruptcy courts throughout the northern district of Florida. With his invaluable experience in clerkship, he can provide an in-depth analysis of legal issues stemming from a wide range of bankruptcy cases. His extensive experience in these cases makes it far easier to analyze financial cases and effectively provide quality results in the form of any bankruptcy case. Whether you need support for commercial litigation or in-depth assistance on a bankruptcy case, as a previous clerk, Wright can make sure your case is presented well at any court in the state of Florida. 

We Have Experts In Business Bankruptcy

Our Partner Thomas B. Woodward has is business and prelaw degree from bowling state University. Through his experience in a private law firm, he provided extensive support in reorganization cases under chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a business bankruptcy expert, he is a true advocate for corporations and small businesses to properly structure their bankruptcy process throughout any case. With his experience in business as well as with ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, the business bankruptcy support that you can see from Woodward and his team can help you navigate any difficult process in your bankruptcy proceeding.

Offering The Best In Professionalism

The level of service and care that we provide ensures that we are always bringing the best to our clients. We want to remain consistently engaged with our clients as well as offer expert advice in the form of quality free consultations, follow-up meetings, and more. Our legal team wants to help you understand the legal process and exactly what’s going to happen throughout your bankruptcy proceeding. By keeping consistent contact and showing our care for your case, we can ensure that you will feel like an active participant in your bankruptcy case and that you’ll be well informed throughout the process of your bankruptcy. Professionalism is one of the greatest values that we hold and no matter what type of bankruptcy case you’re going through whether it’s an individual bankruptcy or in major corporate bankruptcy, we want to dedicate our time and resources to help you through the process.

We Specialize In Bankruptcy Cases

If you’re looking for a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Tallahassee it’s important that you find somebody that has a specialty in bankruptcy law. With our in-depth experience and specialization, we can guide you through all of the legal requirements of bankruptcy and make sure that your application for bankruptcy can offer the strongest showing for the future. We are up to speed with all aspects of bankruptcy law and we can make sure that we take into account all of the latest legal precedents and developments in this area of practice. In complicated bankruptcy cases or in full-scale corporate bankruptcy cases it can be a crucial asset to have an attorney with this specialization in your corner.

Our Reputation

As well as having an advanced level of experience as bankruptcy attorneys in Tallahassee Florida, we are well known for our reputation. We have had many friends and family members refer people to our business to offer dedicated service and many of our legal team have won a series of qualifications and awards. Whether you have a few questions to ask about proceeding through bankruptcy or you’d like to schedule a consultation, we want to demonstrate that our reputation in bankruptcy proceedings throughout Tallahassee Florida exceeds itself. We are a law firm that has worked hard to build a strong reputation in the market and throughout our years of experience, we can work at helping you maintain your own reputation in professionalism throughout the entire process of your bankruptcy. 

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