Will Employers Hire Me if I File for Bankruptcy?There are a number of negative connotations that are associated with filing for bankruptcy. One of the biggest concerns that many people have apart from their future credit history involves their future employment history. Wondering if you’ll be fired as a result of a bankruptcy claim or wondering if you’ll be denied a new job as a result of filing for bankruptcy can put you off from filing in the first place.

The good news is that when you declare bankruptcy, under the bankruptcy code you cannot be terminated by a private firm if you decide to declare bankruptcy. No public firm can also hinder hiring a person because they have a history of bankruptcy either. An employer cannot discriminate in their hiring process especially based off of an employee’s records with bankruptcy.

There are some positions where you may be asked to sign a permission slip checking into your financial history and your current financial standing. It’s likely that you might also face interview questions related to your financial history, especially if you are going to be handling money in your position. If you’re upfront with your decision to file for bankruptcy, it can be a much easier process when working with a new perspective employer or even your current employer. Honesty goes a long way and by keeping in mind that no one player can discriminate based off your past financial history, you have nothing to lose by disclosing the information that that employer could quickly check on a credit history anyway.

If for some reason you feel as though you’re being discriminated against by your current employer or a prospective employer due to your credit history, you have full rights to take legal action. If you are experiencing this type of issue it may be wise to contact a lawyer immediately to fight for your position. Contact us today for a free consultation!