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Many people feel nervous and embarrassed about meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss personal bankruptcy. They often feel overwhelmed by the thought of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers in Tallahassee FL know that bankruptcy can be a very difficult and emotionally draining time. 

Florida bankruptcy lawyers also know that many bankruptcies are due to circumstances outside your control, such as job loss and major medical issues. Our bankruptcy attorneys do not judge or blame our clients. They work with clients to find the best solution for their financial problems.

Filing for bankruptcy is an excellent way to eliminate burdensome debt and many people feel relief after their bankruptcy case is closed. It can be difficult to understand the process and fill in the bankruptcy forms.

A Tallahassee bankruptcy lawyer is the right person to help you. A bankruptcy lawyer will not only provide legal advice but will also handle all paperwork. Here are the most popular services that you can expect from bankruptcy attorneys in Tallahassee Florida.

What Should I Expect from My Bankruptcy Lawyer

Although not all bankruptcy cases can be complicated, they aren’t always easy. Your Florida bankruptcy lawyer should be able to handle your case. Here are 4 things that you should expect from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

1. Expect Competence from Your Bankruptcy Attorney

The following factors will determine the difficulty of your bankruptcy:

  • The facts of your case
  • Whether you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Whether the bankruptcy trustee is going to sell any property of yours (an asset, or a “no assets” bankruptcy case)
  • If you are a small business owner, and
  • Bankruptcy litigation.

Asking if the lawyer has ever represented clients in similar situations is one way to determine if the match is right.

2. You Can Expect Sound Legal Advice from Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

Your retainer agreement, which you and your attorney sign together, will describe the services that your bankruptcy attorney will offer. Also, your attorney is responsible for providing competent advice during the bankruptcy process.

Your attorney in Tallahassee will tell you if bankruptcy is in your best interests. You should learn:

  • How Chapter 7 or Chapter13 can help you reach your financial goals
  • What you can expect in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Whether your case presents any special difficulties or risks

Most importantly, your attorney will respond promptly to any questions or calls you make.

3. Expect Your Bankruptcy Lawyer to Prepare and File Your Paperwork

You will need to fill out a lot of forms when filing for bankruptcy. Nearly all bankruptcy lawyers in Tallahassee FL have software that can prepare and file your necessary bankruptcy paperwork with the court.

Your attorney will need to see all financial information about you, including income, expenses, assets, and debt. It will be used by your lawyer to prepare official forms. Your lawyer will then review the paperwork with you to verify accuracy.

Additional forms and documents may be required by the court or trustee. You should notify your attorney immediately if you miss a deadline for filing bankruptcy. It is because missing a bankruptcy deadline can cause:

  • Delays in the process
  • Your case may be dismissed or
  • Other adverse consequences

For these reasons, your Florida bankruptcy lawyer must be familiar with the filing requirements and local rules.

4. Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Represent You at Hearings

All debtors who file for bankruptcy must attend a mandatory hearing called the “341 meeting of creditors”. Depending on the facts of your case, you or your attorney may need to attend additional hearings.

Here are some common hearings that your attorney can represent you at:

  • Chapter 13 confirmation hearings
  • Chapter 7 hearings to reaffirmation, and
  • Any other objection hearings or motions filed by you, creditors, or trustee

Your attorney can advise you on the hearings that you should expect to attend before you file for bankruptcy.

What Should You Do to Prepare for the Bankruptcy Consultation?

The bankruptcy attorney will be able to give you a more accurate assessment of your options if you provide accurate information. Although bankruptcy lawyers don’t expect you to bring all of your bills to an initial consultation, it can be helpful to have a general understanding of your assets, their value, and your income. 

You should keep a copy of any legal documents that you have received in case you are sued.

It is a smart idea to take down any questions about bankruptcy or your specific circumstances. You may become distracted and forget to ask questions during the consultation.

How to Contact a Tallahassee Bankruptcy Lawyer

A meeting with a bankruptcy attorney does not guarantee that you will file for bankruptcy. No matter what the issue, it’s a smart idea to investigate and compare all options in order to make the best decision. No matter what your financial situation is, they are not unique. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Tallahassee FL are available to help you obtain that information and evaluate your personal circumstances. Free consultation at Bruner Wright P.A. is available for all bankruptcy matters.

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Working with the lawyers at Bruner Wright is an essential part of working through filing for bankruptcy. By vetting your case, you can rest assured that every possible option has been considered and every action has been taken to ensure that the debt will be absolved. 

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