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Sometimes financial situations change. Sometimes steady income sources are cut off and unexpected expenses arise that drain funds. These uncertain circumstances can cause anxiety, stress, and pressure on a person, couple, or entire family. It can be difficult to find a Georgia bankruptcy attorney to guide you through this situation. There are many bankruptcy lawyers in Georgia that offer generalized services and can help as many people as possible. The situation becomes even worse when you consider that bankruptcies are often the most complicated and confusing areas of law to navigate. There are still lawyers who will put their clients first and work tirelessly to help them understand their financial obligations and situation. Bruner Wright P.A. Bruner Wright P.A. is one of these firms! Our lawyers are known for their investigative skills and will use that to your advantage. We won’t leave any financial information or source of income unnoticed in our quest to find the best possible bankruptcy solution. We wanted to highlight the main differences between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia.

Chapter 13 VS Chapter 7

It is important to note that each bankruptcy chapter has its own unique purpose and circumstances. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 are the most common bankruptcy in Georgia. However, there are some notable differences between these bankruptcy chapters. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is based on a liquidation approach. The courts will review your assets and determine what is not necessary for daily use (i.e. You need to get from work to home each day. These assets will be liquidated and within 3-6 months, the courts will discharge any remaining debts. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy process is different. Instead of mass liquidation, your debts will be consolidated into one monthly payment. The payment plan you are placed on is a monthly payment plan. You will have to pay the same amount over 3 to 5 years. After that, you will be free to move on! Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps people in very difficult financial situations with outstanding debts, while chapter 13 assists those who still have good monthly incomes to consolidate their debts and make them pay less. Each chapter of bankruptcy has its own applications.

Our Years of Experience

Our company has over 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law. The team that we have assembled is extremely knowledgeable and we will work tirelessly to advocate for our clients and help them find the ideal solution for managing their debt. Contacting us today can put you on the successful path forward for filing for bankruptcy. At Bruner Wright, we use our years of experience to fully understand your situation and to help you access the debt relief bankruptcy solution that is best for you specifically.

Assistance For All Types of Bankruptcy

We don’t just handle chapter 7 bankruptcy claims, we can also assist with Chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, and debt consolidation! We want to ensure that we can offer our clients the largest range of bankruptcy options possible so that we can find the perfect solution. Navigating a bankruptcy claim is extremely stressful but with the assistance of a qualified Georgia bankruptcy attorney, you’ll be in good hands.

More Than Just Bankruptcy

We specialize in debt relief and we help people to file for bankruptcy relief using our knowledge of the bankruptcy code. By looking at debt relief from a personal perspective, we can make sure that we are operating in the best interest of each client and their current financial situation. Throughout our consultations, our goal is to understand the needs of our clients and the current financial situation that they are in. Whether you are considering bankruptcy due to divorce, medical bills, a loss of a job, or any other factor, we can learn your financial situation and recommend the best path for you moving forward.

Flexible Service Packages

We offer 100% free consultations as well as the flexibility to pay only if we are able to complete your bankruptcy case. We offer flexible payment options for our clients as we understand that undergoing bankruptcy can be a significant financial burden, to begin with. We want to remain understanding and flexible throughout the process of your bankruptcy and ensure that you can take on the process of bankruptcy with an experienced attorney that will not extend your financial burdens further.

The Best In Communication

What sets us apart is our ongoing communication with our clients. We want to make sure that we can remain attentive and communicative throughout the process of your bankruptcy. We will provide a Georgia bankruptcy attorney to remain comfortable and open with each one of our clients delivering real advice and some of the best ways that you can proceed forward with your case. We want to get to know you as a person and to truly understand how we can assist you in experiencing greater debt relief.

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Bruner Wright is the top-rated bankruptcy attorney in Southern Georgia. Our team has more than 30 years of experience helping people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 12 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our practice has been very successful in helping people discharge their debts. We offer a personal service that is comprehensive and thorough in all aspects of our industry. We are responsive to the needs of our clients.

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