In today’s economy, particularly in Florida and other points of entry, it is common for even mid-sized business in Tallahassee and other parties of this state to business with a company that is located in a foreign country.

When things are going smoothly between the two firms, international business opportunities are usually a good deal for both parties involved. However, in the event that a dispute erupts between two companies in different countries and then boils over in to business litigation, the problem can quickly turn in to a complicated legal mess.

For instance, because the laws of countries are obviously different, one issue in a multi-national contract dispute is that the contract itself must be legal in both countries. If an agreement is illegal in either country, then it can be very hard to get the agreement enforced in that country.

On a practical level, this can leave an innocent business that entered in to an agreement with good faith with its expectations disappointed. It can also mean the business has no legal relief. On the flip side, the issue of whether a contract is legal can serve as a useful tool by which a business can get out from under an agreement that was a bad deal for the business from the beginning.

There are other legal wrinkles with respect to international business disputes that can rear their heads when two businesses are wrangling over a legal dispute. These wrinkles can be hard to spot and even harder to resolve. This is why international business disputes are often best navigated with the help of an experienced attorney.