How We Represent Your Business In A Fiduciary Dispute

How We Represent Your Business In A Fiduciary Dispute

A previous post on this blog discussed the important role different types of fiduciary relationships play in the world of business. The post also talked how fiduciaries, like business partners and corporate board members, have a duty to act in the best interest of certain other people, like one’s other partners or corporate shareholders.

Sometimes, however, these relationships go sour, and, in many cases, one person in a fiduciary relationship might accuse another of violating one’s fiduciary duty. These accusations can range from actually siphoning off or stealing money from a business all the way down to mismanaging assets and investments, the latter of which could happen even to honest, well-meaning people.

Whether one is being accused of misconduct, or is the one who recognizes that they have been harmed by a fiduciary who was supposed to be acting in their best interest, the next step is to evaluate one’s legal options and take an appropriate action.

In this respect, our law office offers commercial litigation support to businesses situated both in Tallahassee itself and throughout the Florida Panhandle. We understand that business owners in the area have a lot to keep track of in order to succeed, and we offer, experienced, reliable counsel to our clients so they can devote their time to other business affairs aside from pending litigation.

In particular, our office represents clients on all sides of a shareholder dispute, particularly disputes among family or other closely held corporations. These sorts of disputes often involve fiduciaries and questions about respective fiduciary obligations.

Because we make a point of developing relationships with our business clients even before a dispute arises, we feel we go in to such a legal dispute with a deeper insight in to what is really going on behind the scenes. This has in the past helped us get more efficient and effective resolutions to fiduciary disputes.

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