Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tallahassee

If you’re seeking a bankruptcy attorney in Tallahassee, Florida it’s very likely that you have a number of excellent choices put out in front of you. A quality bankruptcy lawyer can put you in a position of having expert negotiation for your bankruptcy proceeding. A bankruptcy case can often be a very stressful procedure but working with the right bankruptcy lawyer in Tallahassee will make sure that you’re able to feel confident throughout the stages and reduce the total amount of stress that you are facing through your bankruptcy. Here are some of the top bankruptcy lawyers available at Bruner right and what they can do for you.

Robert C Bruner

Robert is a bankruptcy lawyer that has over 40 years of experience in a wide range of law. His practice is focused primarily on a fair representation for creditors and debtors in a wide range of bankruptcy proceedings. He works in commercial litigation, employment litigation, and more. Robert has worked with a series of high-profile cases, including representation for utility companies, private corporations, and public corporations. Robert can also work with private family organizations ranging from small businesses all the way up to international businesses. With an education from the Indiana University School of Law, Robert is able to practice in both Indiana as well as in Florida. 

Byron “Trey” Wright III

Trey Wright is a founding partner at the Bruner Wright law firm. As an experienced Tallahassee lawyer. He knows how to practice a wide range of commercial litigation techniques and he served two years as the log clerk to the Honorable Chief Judge Karen K. Specie in the United States bankruptcy court. His experience during clerkship provided him with valuable insights into the bankruptcy process and new ways to analyze legal issues from a variety of different perspectives. Wright can assist with a wide range of bankruptcy cases and ensure that the process of law is managed throughout a bankruptcy accordingly. Trey works throughout Florida and Georgia and he graduated from the Florida State University College of Law. 

Thomas B Woodward

Thomas received his BS in business pre-law and Bowling Green  State University. He was commissioned as a lieutenant in the US Army and went on into active duty in 1969 serving one combat tour in Vietnam. He attended and graduated with a JD degree from the Cleveland State University Cleveland Marshall College of Law in the year 1974 and has lived happily with his family in Tallahassee since the year 1976. He’s been practicing law and opened up his private law practice in the year 1976 with a specialty in business. Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as extensive experience in chapter 13 in Chapter 11. He can provide assistance to many cases across the Tallahassee area and works exclusively with Bruner Wright as part of his practice area. 

With collective decades of experience, each one of these qualified bankruptcy lawyers could provide you with the dedicated support that you need to get through a bankruptcy case for your business or for your individual needs. Working with any one of these qualified lawyers can ease the process of your bankruptcy and give you access to extra negotiating power throughout the process of your bankruptcy. If you’re looking for quality professionals throughout the state of Florida and in the Tallahassee area, each one of these qualified team members can deliver excellent results and ease your stress in the process of bankruptcy.

Contact us today if you are in need of assistance with your bankruptcy case and you would like to use some of the best professionals in the greater Tallahassee area. Our team is ready to assist you with the best results for your bankruptcy case. We are ready to assist no matter what type of bankruptcy you are considering. Whether you need expert legal counsel or a representative for your business, we are just a phone call away.