Filing For Bankruptcy In Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL residents and businesses are still feeling the consequences of foreclosures, and high levels of debt. The lawyers at Bruner Wright P.A. will help you with your personal or business bankruptcy in Jacksonville FL.

Debtors can file bankruptcy to end the constant phone calls from creditors, lawsuit threats, and foreclosure. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you get rid of the burden of unmanageable debts and create a new financial future.  Bruner Wright P.A specializes in bankruptcy in Jacksonville FL and will help you file Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy to give you a fresh start.

Bruner Wright P.A. often assists debtors who have filed for bankruptcy protection. We often act as:

  • Creditors In Bankruptcy And Adversary Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Trial Lawyers, Adversary Proceedings for Interested Parties, including co-owners of the property, spouses of debtors, family members, business partners, and other people who might be affected by bankruptcy
  • Debtors in Bankruptcy & Adversary Proceedings involving creditors. Ex-spouses, family, Chapter 7 Trustees. Chapter 13 Trustees. Chapter 11 Trustees. The United States Bankruptcy Trustee (U.S. Trustee)
  • Chapter 7 trustees to locate and liquidate assets in order to maximize the Estate’s value for creditors
  • Business Bankruptcies Chapter 11, 7, and 12 as well as Chapter 13 business owners

Jacksonville Residences And Businesses Can Receive Debt Relief

Do you feel your company or yourself are struggling to pay off the overwhelming amount of debt? You might think about filing for bankruptcy if you are. For both individuals and businesses, filing for bankruptcy in Jacksonville FL is a complicated process. Our expert bankruptcy attorneys can help you get back on track.

Understanding the various types of bankruptcy filings is crucial as each chapter has its own set of laws and rules. Bruner Wright P.A.’s bankruptcy lawyers are experts in:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Liquidations for Individuals and Corporate Entities. This is a common method of liquidating assets when there are few.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 allows debt restructuring for both individuals and companies. This allows businesses to continue operating while they pay off their debt. All sizes of businesses can get receive counseling from a Jacksonville Chapter 11 lawyer.
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: Family Farm Reorganizations
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Individual Reorganizations – This is commonly used for mortgage arrears relief and other purposes permitted by the Bankruptcy Code.

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Why Should You Hire A Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney?

Unexpected events such as losing your job, rising debt, or medical bills can all lead to financial distress. For many Jacksonville FL residents and businesses, bankruptcy may be the best choice to get out of debt. A skilled bankruptcy attorney is a great help, as bankruptcy law can be very complicated.

For you and your family, bankruptcy can be a very stressful and emotional experience. You don’t have to risk losing valuable Jacksonville property or other assets. Instead, you can get help from an attorney who will guide you through the bankruptcy process. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can analyze your situation to find the best solution for your financial problems.

When filing for bankruptcy, it is important to have legal representation. Lawyers specializing in bankruptcy in Jacksonville FL have the experience to fight against your creditors and protect your rights. The beauty of Jacksonville FL and its beaches can temporarily make it easier to forget about the mounting debt. Seek the guidance of a bankruptcy lawyer in Jacksonville FL to help you get rid of all your debts and start a new life. Bruner Wright P.A., an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Jacksonville FL, can help you get back to sound financial footing if you’re considering filing bankruptcy.

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