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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Jacksonville FL is the most popular form of bankruptcy that can be used to end harassment and debt. Bruner Wright P.A. has the top Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts will help you decide if this chapter is right for you.

When you meet with an attorney, don’t forget to bring any preparation materials. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney will guide you through the process if we decide that you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Steps in Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jacksonville, Florida is not an easy task. That’s why Bruner Wright P.A. is here to help you navigate the process. For a complimentary consultation, contact our office now!

Step 1

An attorney will begin by looking into your financial situation.

We will use your documentation to conduct the “means testing,” which determines whether you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jacksonville, Florida.

After that, we will file your bankruptcy petition and schedule if you are eligible.

Step 2

You will be able to review all documents, including the schedules and bankruptcy petition before we file your bankruptcy case.

We can file your bankruptcy as soon as possible if you need to (to stop a repossession, foreclosure, or wage garnishment), then we can do that the same day you bring it in.

Filing bankruptcy immediately will trigger an “automatic stay“, which stops all collection efforts against you.

The remaining schedules must be submitted within two weeks after you file your petition.

Step 3

Once you have been assigned a case number, the bankruptcy court will appoint trustees and set a date for the 341 Meeting of Creditors. Creditors may stop pursuing you at this point.

Bruner Wright’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will review your petition in detail with the trustee, creditors, and you at the Meeting of Creditors.

Step 4

If the trustee or creditors don’t challenge your right of eliminating your financial obligations within 60 days, the court will discharge your debts.

A discharge is a final decision in your case.

If you do not have an agreement with your trustee to “buy back” your non-exempt assets within a reasonable time, the case will be closed immediately after the discharge.

Step 5

Finally, you can work on improving your financial situation. We use our proven approach for helping you rebuild credit.

Preparation Instructions

Our staff will help you decide which documents to bring along to our consultation.

These materials could include:

  • Photo ID issued by the state and social security card
  • Federal income tax returns from the three previous years
  • Statements of all bank accounts from the past six months
  • Employment pay stubs from the past six months
  • All vehicles’ titles and registrations, along with written payments
  • All investments are subject to monthly statements and plan documents
  • Purchase contracts 
  • Leases and promissory notes
  • Bills, invoices, credit cards, loans, and mortgage statements.
  • Owned real estate, deeds, and satisfied loans
  • Divorce documents, if divorced

Important Things to Consider

  • You should make sure that Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida is your best choice. You should consider bankruptcy as an option last resort, and only if all other options have been exhausted.
  • Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jacksonville FL. Your family size, income, as well as other factors, will determine your eligibility. Your eligibility is confirmed by passing the Means Test, a federal form that determines Chapter 7 bankruptcy quantifiability. You can consider debt consolidation and Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you aren’t eligible.
  • Talk to a bankruptcy attorney. Bruner Wright P.A. will guide you through the entire process, from filing your petition to receiving your discharge orders.
  • Mandatory counseling on credit is also required. Failure to complete this mandatory step could result in your petition being dismissed.
  • Your bankruptcy Chapter 7 Florida lawyer will help you complete and review all paperwork. Including the petition, the schedule of assets and liabilities, debts, income, and expenditures, as well as the exempt assets, means testing, and any other forms that are necessary to file the bankruptcy petition.
  • Secure your petition and complete the paperwork before you go to the bankruptcy court. The petition should be filed with the court in your area, or where most of your assets and business are located. After the petition is filed, all legal proceedings against you have been halted. This means that creditors and people to whom you owe money cannot continue to sue or demand payment. Garnish wages will also be stopped. If you have not requested a waiver of the fee, a filing fee might be required.
  • Preparation for post-filing activities such as the creditor’s meeting and follow-up counseling and waiting for your discharge orders.

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