meet the teamLost in the enormous financial losses reported by news outlets in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is the financial devastation hurricanes have on the individuals and small business that make up the billion-dollar figure.  The first priority for those most affected by the recent hurricane is likely to survive and have a safe place to live. While banks and other financial institutions are allowing many borrowers who have been impacted by the hurricane a few months to not pay their mortgages and car loans, THEY ARE NOT FORGIVING THE DEBT!!!!! If you do not have a way to generate income while you are rebuilding after the damaging hurricane, you may begin receiving collection letters, phone calls, or potentially even lawsuits for the nonpayment of debt including a foreclosure on your home.

With pressure mounting to pay unpaid bills, you may think that you are destined for financial ruin. Bruner Wright, P.A. has offices in Panama City, Tallahassee, and Destin and is a debt relief and bankruptcy law firm that specializes in helping financially distressed businesses and individuals in the Florida Panhandle and the surrounding areas get back on their feet and move towards a bright financial future. With over 40 years combined experience in Business Protection and Rehabilitation, personal and financial advice and relief, Bruner Wright PA is the experienced specialized law firm to assist you in protecting your businesses and personal assets against creditors and banking institutions.   

If you own a business in Panama City or in the surrounding area that was negatively affected by Hurricane Michael, we can help you reorganize your business debt and keep your business running.  If you live in the Florida panhandle and have fallen behind on your mortgage or other bills in the aftermath of the hurricane, call us today for a free consultation to discuss how you can survive the hurricane obtain relief from your debts and protect your businesses and property.