Don’t Disconnect The Phone

Don’t Disconnect The Phone

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients is, “The phone won’t stop ringing.”

Creditors keep the phone ringing off the hook. Credit card companies and collection agencies are the worst. Your number is in an automatic queue, so even if you never pick up, the calls keep coming.

Even if you turn the ringer off, the red light still blinks on and off. Small wonder that people with debt problems often have serious anxiety problems as well. It seems like there’s no end in sight.

We have two solutions to offer. The first is to place a dish towel over the phone so you don’t have to see that constant blinking. The second is to have all your dischargeable debts disappear.

The Founding Fathers understood

There is only one way to make those debts disappear. It is by filing for relief under theĀ U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

The Founding Fathers understood that unpayable debt is poison to the economy. If people just keep falling deeper and deeper into debt, that’s a recipe for despair. That’s why they built a provision for the disappearance of debt into the Constitution.

Chapter 7 is sometimes called liquidation bankruptcy. On paper it amounts to a treaty: you turn over certain assets – liquidate – and in return the government pardons your debts.

In practice, it’s nowhere near that bad. Most bankruptcies do not result in any liquidation. You keep your home, your car, your household goods, and your retirement savings.

Up in smoke

In return, you watch your credit card bills go up in smoke. Your medical bills are wiped clean. Any non-collateralized debts (except student loans and child support) go away.

And you start your financial life all over from scratch.

Talk to us about your debt problems. We at Bruner Wright know it’s not people’s fault they are broke. Before people get to bankruptcy they suffer through health problems, layoffs, economic collapse or divorce.

It gets better. Take the towel off your phone and tell us where you are at. We believe we can help.

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