Do I Need A Florida Bankruptcy Attorney?

You may think you have everything under control if you are having debt problems. This can lead to confusion in your thinking or difficulties in making rational decisions about debt. Each person may not see the ongoing debt as something we need to address immediately. There is good news: there is some relief, especially if you work with a Florida bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy lawyers can help you with these issues every day and also provide an impartial opinion about your debt. Here are the top indicators that you should contact a bankruptcy lawyer if you have been struggling with debt.

  • Your wages are being garnished
  • You could be in danger of losing your assets
  • You’re starting to receive calls from collection agencies/past due credit cards
  • Your debt may qualify for discharge
  • Inability to pay your bills
  • Uncertain how to deal with debt that is piling up
  • Checks bounced
  • No cash flow
  • You need representation in court

A bankruptcy filing will not erase all your debt. You may still have ongoing expenses such as child support, student loans, and payday loans. An experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney can help you determine the best way to resolve your debts. A bankruptcy attorney can help you find the right debt relief solutions to reduce stress in your daily life.

What Bankruptcy Should I File?

A business bankruptcy Chapter 11 may be necessary if your business is in serious financial trouble. A lawyer can help you get the time and space to restructure your company and organize your debts for later payment. If you are certain that your business must close, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney may be needed. This lawyer will basically hand over your business to the creditor for a discharged debt.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney may be used if you are considering filing bankruptcy. In exchange for certain of your personal assets, you will receive a fresh start financially. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney is available to help you reorganize and negotiate a payment schedule with creditors if you’re struggling to repay your debt.

Are There Any Legal Requirements to File Bankruptcy?

A lawyer is recommended for individuals to file for bankruptcy. However, corporations and partnerships require one. A Florida bankruptcy attorney can help you protect your rights as a debtor due to the complex procedures involved in bankruptcy filings.

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