Do I Need a Bankruptcy AttorneyIf you are experiencing problems with debt you may feel you’ve got an easy handle on the situation. When you place a motion in the idea of handling a debt this can often lead to a clouding of your logic or difficulty in making a series of rational decisions about your debt. The ongoing debt that each of us has may not feel like something that we have to address immediately. 

The good news is that there is relief in sight especially when you choose to work with a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy attorneys work through some of these problems every day as well as provide an unbiased opinion on your current debt. If you’ve been experiencing problems with debt here are some of the top signs it could be time to contact a bankruptcy attorney:

  • Your current wages are being garnished
  • You may be close to losing your assets
  • You’re starting to get calls from collection agencies/ past due credit cards
  • Your debt may qualify for discharge

Not all of your debt can be erased through a complete bankruptcy. There are ongoing expenses like child support, student loans as well as payday loans that you might be facing. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to determine more about your situation and the types of debts that could be discharged. Working with a bankruptcy attorney can provide you with the debt relief solutions that you need to start experiencing less stress in your day-to-day life due to debts.

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