Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Florida

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy FloridaOwing extraordinary debt can be a scary experience. Creditors, debt collectors, and other parties use this to strike fear into you so that they can receive their payments as soon as possible. There are plenty of negative stigmas around Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida that cause people to hesitate to choose it as an option, even though it may be the best course of action for them at the time!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the perfect opportunity for those that still have a good ability to pay back some or all of their debts. This type of bankruptcy focuses on reorganizing your crushing debt into one doable monthly payment plan for 3-5 years. While helping you get back on your feet by reorganizing your debt, chapter 13 has a few other benefits as well! Thinking about filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida? Look no further than Bruner Wright P.A., the best group of bankruptcy lawyers on this side of the Gulf Coast! Here are a few more informational pointers on Chapter 13 bankruptcy!

Stop Debt Collectors in Their Tracks

Once all the preliminary data and financial information are in order, we’ll finally be able to file your bankruptcy case with the local court. Immediately upon filing, the court puts an automatic stay on all of your debt. Freeing you from harassing letters, text messages, and robocalls immediately. All creditor debt collection activity must immediately cease or they could face action from the court. This is a huge benefit and is immediately palpable to debtors.

Differences Between Chapter 13 and 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has a few notable strengths that Chapter 7 does not carry. Foremost among these is chapter 13’s ability to avoid liquidation of assets. One of the main ways that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps you past debt is by the liquidation of excess assets not deemed necessary for everyday life, mostly to get to and back from work. This includes extra cars, recreational vehicles, and other assets. By maintaining the agreed-upon monthly payment, Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you consolidate your debt and move past it!

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida is extremely complex and confusing. It’s important that you choose lawyers with the utmost expertise in bankruptcy to lead you through your case. Bruner Wright P.A. has served the people of the Florida Panhandle for decades now. These years of experience have built up an extremely knowledgeable and professional law firm! Every bankruptcy is unique. It is important to have a communicative and available firm that is able to educate and answer questions whenever it is needed.

Bruner Wright believes that attorneys need to be adept at staying open to communication. Our lawyers are always happy and available to take your questions regarding any aspect of your bankruptcy case! Avoid going with a firm that will just file your bankruptcy case away as a number, choose Bruner Wright P.A. instead today! Contact us for more information regarding your potential bankruptcy!