Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure in Florida

Facing foreclosure in Florida? Discover the potential lifeline—bankruptcy. Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure in Florida? This question echoes the hope for many homeowners in distress. Explore the crucial information ahead, revealing the legal avenues that may provide a shield against foreclosure. Dive into the possibilities and implications of utilizing bankruptcy as a strategy to halt foreclosure in the Sunshine State.

Bankruptcy can help you if your mortgage is in arrears and your lender threatens to foreclose. It will also make it easier to pay your mortgage. Our bankruptcy attorneys at Bruner Wright P.A have assisted many homeowners to prevent foreclosure by filing bankruptcy. It is important to know that bankruptcy may not be right for everyone. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation. A bankruptcy lawyer will examine the facts of your situation and develop a solution that addresses your financial issues.


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Our bankruptcy lawyers at Bruner Wright P.A have helped people like you for years to solve their financial issues. We know that these are difficult times and are here to assist you. There are many options that you can use to successfully manage your debts and restore your financial health.

It will depend on your unique case. Call us today to arrange a confidential, free consultation with a Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer and find out what options are available to you.

Fighting Foreclosure

In Florida, bankruptcy is not the only option to stop a foreclosure. Our foreclosure defense attorneys at Bruner Wright P.A can legally challenge your lender’s right to foreclose and fight the foreclosure. Our legal team will thoroughly examine every aspect of the mortgage in order to uncover any evidence that we could use against a bank. We will use all our legal skills and knowledge in court to prevent foreclosure and keep your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a bankruptcy that allows you to reorganize debts into more manageable payments. It may also give you up to five additional years to make up for missed payments, without your lender charging any extra interest.

You may be able to remove your second mortgage through Chapter 13. You may be able to remove your second mortgage if you have a mortgage on your house and the primary mortgage is greater than the market value. The mortgage will be treated as any other debt once it is removed from the home.

The Automatic Stay:

Filing for bankruptcy in Florida will stop your lender from taking any action to repossess your home under the automatic stay provisions of the U.S. Bankruptcy code. The court will automatically stop all collection actions when you file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. All collection actions must stop immediately. While the automatic stay is active, creditors and collection agencies are not allowed to contact you or garnish your wages. The automatic stay can even stop a scheduled sale of your house . Automatic stay is usually in place until the bankruptcy case has been discharged. Automatic stay gives a homeowner more time to pay off their mortgage or fight foreclosure in court.

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Can Bankruptcy Stop an Auction?

When a Chapter 7 case or Chapter 13 is filed, an automatic stay immediately takes effect. The automatic stay is federal law that stops all collection activities, including foreclosures auctions scheduled to take place.

Do I Still Have to Pay the Mortgage Company?

After a foreclosure sale, there are often not enough funds to pay off the mortgage. In this case, the bank can sue the borrower to recover the balance of the loan. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, can discharge the entire amount of a mortgage loan. This will end the borrower’s obligation to the bank.

Can I Keep My House if I Declare Bankruptcy?

Homestead (primary residence), yes, is protected in both Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You may not be required to give up your home in order to file for bankruptcy.

Can Bankruptcy Lower My Mortgage Payments?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows homeowners to consolidate their mortgage debt into a single manageable payment. It may also allow homeowners to make up missed mortgage payments over a period of up to five years without incurring additional interest.

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