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312, 2018

A Few Things to Consider When Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy

A Few Things to Consider When Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy If you have been continuing to struggle with your debt over time and you are interested in keeping up with their payments while still handling your day-to-day living expenses, it may be a good idea to consider filing for [...]

811, 2018

The Importance of Filing Tax Returns for Bankruptcies

The Importance of Filing Tax Returns for Bankruptcies With tax season coming up it's likely that a number of individuals may be interested to know how they can go about filing tax returns after bankruptcy has taken place. For individuals that are hoping to avoid filing taxes after completing a [...]

711, 2018

Be Aware: Consequences of filing for Bankruptcy

Consequences of filing for Bankruptcy There are countless myths associated with filing for bankruptcy and there are certain consequences that you need to consider throughout the filing process. Although there are some consequences that are considered to be negative, certain consequences can also be quite positive. Speaking to a [...]

2910, 2018

How to file for Ch 7 Bankruptcy in Florida

If you live in Florida and you are interested in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy it could be a good idea to consider speaking to a bankruptcy lawyer. Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not involve the process of a repayment plan but it works to gather and sell all of the [...]

2910, 2018

How to Cope with the Economic Impact of Hurricane Michael

Lost in the enormous financial losses reported by news outlets in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is the financial devastation hurricanes have on the individuals and small business that make up the billion-dollar figure.  The first priority for those most affected by the recent hurricane is likely to survive and [...]

1210, 2018

Life after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and while it does have a bit of a negative impact on your credit in the initial stages, it is possible to rebuild your credit and enjoy a normal financial picture after chapter 7 bankruptcy. It generally takes 3 to 4 [...]

3007, 2018

Estate planning for parents with special needs children

When parents have a child with special needs, they will have unique concerns for the future well-being of their son or daughter. Particularly, the parents may worry about what will happen to the child in the event that both...

2707, 2018

What is a special needs trust?

Many Tallahassee residents and other Floridians have relatives that are suffering with a significant physical or mental disability whom they would like to consider in their estate planning. For those who find themselves in this situation, one option to...

2007, 2018

Some relief for student loan debt may be on horizon

Many Tallahassee residents may already know that, generally speaking, student loan debts do not often get discharged in bankruptcy. This is a huge issue since, across the country, Americans have amassed $1.4 trillion in debt spread out among 44...

1307, 2018

Overview of lawsuits and defenses related to fraud

In the world of business in particular, but in many other contexts as well, the word fraud can get thrown around in a lot of different contexts. For many people, fraud simply means behavior that is shady or deceitful,...

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