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1007, 2023

Will I Lose My House if I File Chapter 11?

Will I lose my house if I file Chapter 11? If you've decided to declare bankruptcy after considering all your alternatives, it's important to be aware of your available options. Understanding how your current mortgage and future ability to secure home loan financing may be impacted is crucial. Before moving [...]

307, 2023

Trusted Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Florida

  Most often, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often associated with large companies experiencing difficulties, but individuals can also benefit from this bankruptcy option. If you're in need of legal assistance, finding a reputable Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney near your location is crucial. While Chapter 12 Bankruptcy tends to be the [...]

2606, 2023

What Happens to Employees When a Company Files Chapter 11?

What happens to employees when a company files Chapter 11? When a business files for Chapter 11, its objective is typically to sustain operations while engaging in negotiations with creditors to restructure its debts under the protection of the bankruptcy court. The company's actions require approval from a bankruptcy judge, [...]

1906, 2023

What Happens After Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

What happens after Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a high-stakes game for both creditors and debtors, making it crucial for all parties involved to grasp the intricacies of Chapter 11 restructuring to safeguard their interests. During challenging economic times, a thorough understanding of bankruptcy becomes even more vital. In distressed [...]

1206, 2023

Chapter 11 vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are notable distinctions on Chapter 11 vs Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These disparities encompass eligibility criteria, associated expenses, and the duration of the process. Both bankruptcy alternatives enable debtors to restructure and sustain their businesses while affording them the chance to discharge debts. Nevertheless, Chapter 13 offers a more extensive [...]

506, 2023

Jacksonville Chapter 11 Attorneys: Saving Businesses from Bankruptcy

  Many Jacksonville businesses turn to a Chapter 11 attorney to navigate their bankruptcy cases, seeking guidance to reorganize their operations and forge a new path forward. These specialized attorneys help companies maneuver through the complexities of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, ultimately enabling them to resume their operations from a position [...]

2905, 2023

How Long Does It Take to File Bankruptcy Chapter 11 in Florida?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to create a plan of repayment to repay outstanding debts while being supervised by a bankruptcy court in Jacksonville. How long does it take to file bankruptcy Chapter 11? It takes a lot of time and effort to complete a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Understanding the [...]

2205, 2023

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? Yes, bankruptcy can prevent foreclosure. It can buy you some time, at the very least. The duration of time you have fallen behind on your mortgage and the type of bankruptcy you file will determine if you can successfully halt a foreclosure. Let's start by covering [...]

1505, 2023

Can Bankruptcy Help With Payday Loan Debt Relief?

If you're struggling to make ends meet, payday loans can seem like a lifeline. They offer quick access to cash when you need it most. However, the downside is that payday loans often come with exorbitant interest rates and fees that can lead to a cycle of debt that's hard [...]

805, 2023

Bankruptcy and IRS Tax Debt

Be wary of commercials that claim to help you get rid of IRS tax debts in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers are often asked the question, "Does bankruptcy erase tax debt?" The answer is always the same: "Sometimes." It is not easy to eliminate bankruptcy and IRS tax debt, so understanding these [...]

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