Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are finding yourself in the very difficult situation of having to consider whether or not you should be filing for bankruptcy in order to help with your current debt situation, you may also be pondering the question of whether or not you should be looking into Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in order to help you along through the entire process. 

Of course, it is possible for individual debtors to file for bankruptcy without requiring the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney – hiring an attorney is not strictly needed for the process. However, going through the bankruptcy process without an attorney may not always end up with an outcome that is in your best interest. For example, if you are looking to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which may or may not involve a lot of your valuable assets, it can be imperative that you have an attorney help you deal with the complicated details of the case in order to get the most out of your bankruptcy. 

In seemingly simple situations such as filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, proceeding without a bankruptcy attorney may, in the end, result in costing you a lot more money than you would ultimately save by going about the process on your own. Besides helping you with the crunchy details of filing for bankruptcy, an attorney can also help you through the entire bankruptcy process, making sure you are able to make fully informed decisions that are best for your individual case at every turn. This can ultimately help you find financial freedom a lot easier than you would on your own.


What can an attorney do for you and your bankruptcy?

When it comes to hiring a bankruptcy attorney, the most immediate benefit is having a professional alongside you throughout the process who can help navigate any potential bumps in the road during your case. The attorney can help you make the best decisions that will ultimately see you do away with your debt and begin to rebuild and restore your own credit. 

It is not uncommon for people who try and tackle bankruptcy filings without an attorney to end up not only inconvenienced, but also losing out on opportunities for better outcomes and solutions. 

The following are a few things that a bankruptcy attorney can help you with during your filing: 


Which kind of bankruptcy is best for your current situation? 

One of the most important things an attorney can help you with is deciding which kind of bankruptcy is best for your personal situation. Depending on your current situation, there may be benefits or detractions in filing for Chapter 7, or 13 bankruptcy, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate the waters on deciding which one is right for you. This decision process also includes deciding whether or not bankruptcy is even the right call for your situation at all, and if it is not, what is a suitable alternative to help you.

Applying the Means Test: The means test can be done by a bankruptcy attorney. This test helps guide you through calculating if you are able to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if you would be able to make required payments during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

Ordering your discharge of debts: There are some bankruptcy cases where not all debts will be discharged. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you figure out which of your debts will be able to be removed by filing for bankruptcy, and which ones will not be eliminated by the process. 

A guiding hand through a difficult and trying time

Besides being able to help you with a lot of the technical details when it comes to a bankruptcy, an attorney understands that the decision to file for bankruptcy is a mentally tough, and complicated decision process. Because of this, a bankruptcy attorney can act like a safety blanket, helping to ease the process and making sure that you are able to have as much peace of mind as possible throughout the entire bankruptcy process. 

An attorney can also help make the stressful and complicated process a little more simple by guiding you through which of the many options are actually helpful for your current situation, and which ones are most likely to help see you through to a positive outcome. 

Whether you are relying on getting assistance with the overall management of your debt, getting help when it comes to relief from the constant aggressive calls from creditors and collectors alike, or you are simply in need of a helping hand to come to the decision if bankruptcy is the right call for you and your situation, a bankruptcy attorney can help guide you through these difficult times and towards a positive outcome. Contact us today if you are have questions in regards to your specific Bankruptcy needs.