Bankruptcy Attorney St Augustine FL

We know that you cannot afford to make mistakes when choosing your bankruptcy attorney in St Augustine FL. You want someone who will be fully dedicated to your case, provide professional legal services and produce desired results for both short-term and long-term needs. Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney in St Augustine FL for your legal issue is an important decision. Our attorneys at Bruner Wright P.A. can provide you with a free initial consultation in our offices located conveniently in Jacksonville.

Offering Debt Relief Options in Florida

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most popular type of bankruptcy for Floridians. It allows the debtor to liquidate all of their assets in order to repay creditors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the court to forgive a person’s debts and allow them to liquidate any non-exempt assets. Non-exempt assets refer to property that isn’t protected by the law. Florida has specific laws regarding what property can be taken. Our St Augustine Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand this process!

Florida Exemptions

Florida residents cannot use the federal bankruptcy exemptions as the state has its own exemptions. You must meet the residency requirements to be eligible for Florida bankruptcy exemptions. To qualify for the exemptions, you must have been a resident of Florida for at least 730 days.

The Florida Constitution protects the equity of the home so a court cannot take the debtor’s house. Florida’s generous homestead exemption allows you to exempt any amount of your home’s value. You can also exempt:

  • Personal property up to $1000
  • Hurricane savings, education, and health
  • Prescribed health aids
  • Vehicle equity up to $1000

Additionally, $750 per week in wages paid to the head of a household is fully exempt. Personal property up to $4,000 can be exempt if the debtor doesn’t use the homestead exemption.

How Can I Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida?

To determine whether you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must first complete the means test. The Census Bureau reports the median income of households in Florida and this test will assess your income. The means test evaluates whether your monthly income falls below or above the median for the state. You may be eligible to file under Chapter 13 if you are not qualified.

For legal advice from our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in St Augustine FL, contact Bruner Wright P.A. today!

How Bruner Wright P.A. Can Help With Bankruptcy Questions

When faced with a difficult debt situation, filing bankruptcy can remove some, if not all of your debt. Florida has some strong laws which allow you to protect your home, assets, and retirements from creditors while eliminating all of your unsecured debt

Proper representation can assure that you are able to take advantage of this fact. A free consultation will give insight as to whether bankruptcy is right for you. Bruner Wright P.A. is here to get you ready and make sure your documents are in order when meeting the trustee or the judge in federal court. Having filed thousands of bankruptcy cases, we represent a broad range of customers from small debt relief cases involving credit card and home debt to representing the tax collector for St. Johns County.

Nothing is more important to us than upholding your legal rights and improving your present situation. If it is right for you our job is to make sure it is done right! Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!