We are frequently asked by homeowners who face foreclosure if they should hire a lawyer for foreclosure defense. Although you can fight foreclosure on your own, we have learned that it is very difficult to do so. Foreclosure cases can be complicated. These are some reasons why we believe hiring a skilled lawyer like Bruner Wright early in the case will give you the best options and the greatest chance of keeping the home.

Experts In The Law

Many laws apply to foreclosures, mortgages, and contracts. Bruner Wright is an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the various foreclosure laws. Bruner has proven time and again that he is able to protect against foreclosures and hold lenders accountable for their unfair lending practices. Laws governing foreclosures are constantly changing. A skilled foreclosure attorney will keep up with the latest legal developments in foreclosure defense and be able to assist you.

Foreclosure Defenses Are Complex

It is not easy to find defenses against foreclosure. A homeowner may believe they have a defense against foreclosure but they don’t have all the legal knowledge and tools to prove it. An attorney who specializes in foreclosure defense can prove that the lender did not follow the proper procedures to file the foreclosure lawsuit, or if filing chapter 13 bankruptcy can save your home. All of these defenses require a thorough knowledge of the law. 

Rules And Procedures In Court Are Complex

You must respond quickly and accurately to any foreclosure complaint that has been served on you. You may need to answer certain motions or appear in court. You will need to be represented by an experienced attorney, as the other side will have skilled attorneys fighting you. The attorney will inform you of all available options to save your home including chapter 13 bankruptcy. An experienced attorney can help you find the best options to save your home. These could include:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy foreclosure in Pensacola may be able to save some residents’ homes. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows homeowners who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments to catch up over 36 to 60 months. Bruner Wright P.A. will provide you with an experienced Pensacola bankruptcy attorney to help resolve your case. There is more information about bankruptcy and foreclosure on our website.

Loan Modification

There are many mortgage modification programs that can be used to assist homeowners having trouble paying their mortgages. Our attorneys at Bruner Wright P.A. have been able to obtain mortgage modifications that have lowered interest rates, increased payments, and deposited past due payments into the mortgage.

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