A previous post on this blog talked about how many Americans, including those in Tallahassee, Florida, and the surrounding area, just do not have enough saved up in an emergency fund in order to pay off credit card debt in a hurry.

Without this layer of protection, people may be just fine while economic times are good, but in the event of a unexpected life changes or an unplanned stint of unemployment, Floridians may be faced with a tough choice of using what savings they do have to keep up with their basic needs or to pay down a credit card bill that otherwise will get overwhelming and financially burdensome.

A family who finds itself in this sort of situation should first of all not panic, as relief is available through the federal bankruptcy system for almost every honest person who just happened to get in over their heads in credit card debt. No one should beat themselves up over the fact that they weren’t better prepared for a personal financial crisis, as our office has represented many people in the exact some situation.

While having to file for bankruptcy following a financial emergency is rarely a person’s idea of fun, we can help take at least some of the stress out of the process by going over our clients’ financial situation carefully and making sure that the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly. We can also help our clients further by advising them on how they can protect their financial interests as much as possible even in the face of a bankruptcy.